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Art, Science, and Imagination... .
Most of what you see in here could be done by you...that is, if you had a lifetime's collection of tools, gear, precision measuring instruments had been doing it for many years, and truly loved doing it. Although I have the modern tools of the 21st century like, LEAP, EASE, an Audio Precision x500, fast microcomputing, broadband, test labs I can go to, engineer and 'Audio Pro' friends to commiserate with; the Hi Fi world often is a 'roll up your sleeves, and skin your knuckles' get some blisters activity. Sure, you can model your ideas now before you go to the trouble of building it in the real world; but some tweeks, some material and engineering changes, you simply have to build and listen to (and of course document!) judge and evaluate their Quality. That's the 'FM' of the Biz (Freakin' Magic), and it can be the 'FP' (Fun Part). I Hope you enjoy the contents. Some of the really old stuff is funny and very interesting.

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