Pres Vintage Speakers 1984-1993

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The late 1980's continued the trend towards Hi-End and expensive speakers and components. I am tempted to say snobbish; although new approaches and new technology was evident. Quiet and dynamic Compact Disk players , Krell amps (sweet! and crazy expensive), new materials for speaker enclosures and other innovations were beginning to drive speaker design. Small (and expensive) speakers were 'popular'. The little Wilson Watt sold for $10,000.00
It was mind boggling. We began to build non-ported "audiophile" loudspeakers for the first time (big mistake), and powered loudspeakers like the H-System (also a big mistake, but the speaker Kicked *ss), as well as our time honored ported speakers (still the best). The H-System was a 3-piece (2 powered Duals and a powered transmission line sub) loudspeaker system, connected to the pre-amp with a fiber optic link (1 prototype!) or standard interconnects. We never sold even 1, but Roy Allison actually liked it, I could tell. Strange times for us.

Here is the eclectic lineup for the '80s and early '90s.1989 Dual


Rebuilding and Resurrecting Vintage Pres Speakers

'81 Duals getting an upgrade after 26 good yearsThis is one of my favorite things to do. I am amazed and gratified to see how long people hang on to their Pres Speakers. I love resurrecting them for another 30 years of service, knowing that there are a number of fine folks spread all over the place, that will spend most of their lifetime with the same Pres speakers. It feels good in both directions.