Classic Loudspeaker Series

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In retrospect, the Pres H-System and the original Classic Series was a science project, The Original Classic 1985more than a product we (OK, I) expected to sell. Yes, we brought it to shows like the Chicago CES, but they were never really ready for the full commercial treatment. I am glad we did it, otherwise I wouldn't know some of the things I know now.

We were one of the first Companies with powered speakers (H-System) at the Hi-End audio shows, and some audio designers that I admired, did like it, I could tell.
We now routinely use powered amp modules in products we design and build, (like the B&O ICE series), however powered speakers aren't an important part of the Audiophile market now, I don't think.
They are an important part of the Pro Market and the home engineered sub-culture, for sure.

We learned some important relationships between psycho-acoustics and driver choice and placement, in the early Classic speakers. I have incorporated this 'wisdom' in the Classic4 series. The Classic lives!