Ibex Loudspeaker

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The newly redesigned PRES Ibex now employs the same sound field concept that made the vintage PRES Dual loudspeaker so distinctive. The new 8" bass, 1.25" dome and 1" soundfield tweeter provide a package of audiophile quality with higher power handling. You will love this speaker for stereo playback or for your Home Theater audio system main speakers.

Extended Hi-Frequency Response

Ibex without top tweeter cover and front grill

The PRES Ibex is still a modest monitor size bass-reflex 3-way speaker system, but now the top-mounted dome tweeter and extended range midrange driver provide wider and more dynamic high frequency coverage in any sized room. We believe you will perceive the music to be more "live" and enjoyable throughout a wider area of the room - even beyond the room.

The PRES 3-way crossover network used in the Ibex has been designed to maximize efficiency, power handling capacity, and phase coherency.   We believe you will find this furniture quality loudspeaker both transparent and dynamic....like the real thing.            

Frequency Range: 40hz - 20,000hz
8 ohms nominal
Power Capacity:150 watts

23 1/2h x 12 1/2w x 10d