Pres Mini S04 Loudspeaker

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The Enclosure and Drivers

The PRES Mini S04, upgraded for 2008, is the 4th rev. of the popular Mini Series and remains one of the most dynamic and distortion free loudspeakers of its' size you will ever listen to. The compact Mini S04 is a 2-way rear-vented bass-reflex speaker system, using a sweet aluminum flange 1" fabric dome tweeter (replacable V.C.) and 7" low resonant, long excursion, magnesium basket bass driver. The bass-reflex tuning, furniture quality construction and state of the art drivers, provide increased bass output, linearity and surprising power handling capacity.

The Crossover network

The Pres Mini S04 uses a 2nd order Butterworth crossover network fabricated from 14G precision layered inductors and low distortion Solen polypropylene capacators; insuring low signal loss and distortion free performance. In addition, the PRES Mini "S" crossover network uses unique midrange contour and resonance dampening circuitry to insure a smooth and coherent midrange, essential to the performance of a two-way speaker.

Frequency Range: 50hz - 22,000hz **
Impedance: 7.5 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity: 92.5dB 1 WattRTA Mini S)$
Power Handling: 150 Watts, Long term Max. Power 300 W
Dimensions:        16 1/4"h x 9 3/4"w x 7 5/8"d
Price: $590.00 pr*

*depends on the dollar and does not include shipping
**This measurement was taken in the listening environment. A Free Field measurement would have been less meaningful for this loudspeaker, in my opinion.