Pres Soul Speakers 1975-2010

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Rebuilding and Resurrecting Vintage Pres Speakers


John Sprague bought these Mini S loudspeakers in 1983 '81 Duals getting an upgrade after 26 good years
Gavin's Ibex Todd Hayden's Duals
D2's getting upgraded Buddha and D2's

This is one of my favorite things to do. I am amazed and gratified to see how long people hang on to their Pres Speakers. I love resurrecting them for another 30 years of service, knowing that there are a number of fine folks spread all over the place, that will spend most of their lifetime with the same Pres speakers. It feels good in both directions. I really should have documented more of these, but here are a few visits to the Juan Ponce de Leon Clinic.