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Getting Back to the original condition Todd actually smiling!The Mid '90's

A variation on a Theme

Since the mid 70's, there have been six versions of the Pres Dual. There have been several custom variations for customers with a special circumstance. Todd hayden's Duals needed a 15" Pro bass driver.

We'll use the Morel mid this time

Todd needs a bit more dynamic range than your typical Hi Fi audiophile. Like many audiophiles, Todd has been looking for the 'sound' that he hears in his mind. We have gone on a 20 some odd year journey, and have come very close to that sound. We are going to give it a go with the new Duals.

Defined articulate midrange (but dynamic), powerfull bass and extended hi end

Good luck.
We are giving Todd's Duals a 15"-dia, 4"-vc, ferro fluid cooled and lubed, m-rolled c-500 surround, 500 wrms custom designed bass driver. This is our powerful bass. The mid-bass is supplied by a peerless 6.5" poly cone bass-mid. This is our articulate//dynamic midrange part 'A'. Because of Todd's power needs, we are using a crossover point of 2K@18dB/oct. The 6.5" has an additional hi-pass @ 250Hz.

The Morel 3" dome-mid has resonance Z compensation and a 2dB shelving voltage divider with no high frequency rolloff filters.This is our articulate//dynamic midrange part 'B'. As the Morel naturally rolls off at 5K, the output of a Motorolla ceramic driver fills-in up to 22kHz. This is our HF extension.