Pres Vintage Speakers 1975-1995

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Audio and Hi Fidelity Loudspeakers have taken twists and turns over the years, to a point now where miniturized components like IPod accessories and suitcase sized home theater systems Highly efficient built-in systemare considered Hi Fidelity. Integration of the amplifier into the loudspeaker is almost the norm now; and amp components like the B&O ICE series makes this possible and at a high performance level. Of course, this isn't a new idea. Almost nothing is... Almost.

The current status of amplifiers and audio sources, as well as driver and materials technology together with creative loudspeaker designers, beat together to produce the State of the Art.

The Heart of an Audio Engineer

Audio engineers often end up with the system pictured to the right and below... Why, you ask? Well, because it has tremendous dynamic range; producing audio that has similar characteristics to the natural event. Engineers, and those who cut their teeth in live audio, strive for this.

But it's really big, sort of complicated to integrate into the home, and kind of expensive (but not insanely so). Trying to get some of this performance in a more convenient package is what Pres Speakers does, and has attempted to do, in our Audio products. Here are some of our efforts over the years.

The 'Head' of an Audio Engineer

Sometimes audio engineers take something on for the pure challenge. The Classic series is basically one of these. Absolute linearity at all costs; can you hear the recorded voice if the singer breathe right between the loudspeakers, right next to the saxiphone. For some, this is the whole point of having an expensive audio system. A picture(s) is worth a thousand words. Go ahead, say it. This looks like the Cyclops. That's what people were calling it at the '86 CES in Chicago

The 'Soul' of an Audio Engineer

The longer a great loudspeaker has been out there working , the more it deserves a 'fix-up' when some of the moving parts need replacing. These speakers have acquired 'Soul'. There is nothing more satisfying than rebuilding 'Soul' Speakers, and making them better than new.